About Us:

Hey, my name’s Campbell and I started BulkTee.
BulkTee About us
(This is me from all the product pics. The other guy is my best friend Timmy) 

There was a really inspiring SharkTank moment where a guy got a deal selling boneless ribs. He had given up on his idea, but when he told his daughter that she wasn't allowed to give up on a sport she started, she replied "But you gave up on the ribs." That sentence gave him the motivation to give his idea second go and it ended up changing his life. That moment inspired me to give a second try to something I had completely given up on.


5 years ago: I was 17 and working at Footlocker when I got really bored and thought I need to be doing something I love, which at the time meant something to do with gym. I also had a problem because finding good gym singlets was really hard, especially affordable ones for my 10 dollar per hour wage. My graphic designer friend help me whip up some cool designs and we got some awesome shirts printed and started selling them to our friends and younger kids at school. However, as many of us do, I chose to give up on the idea to focus on university, and I went off to study finance.  

(Here was BulkTee in the Gold Coast Bulletin in 2011)


So here I am, sitting at my finance office desk typing this up at 8:30pm after work. For five years something deep in my subconscious bugged me. If my friends or family ever brought up the word BulkTee I got a bad feeling. It was because I had given up on something that I knew could be a success. I had even ordered a few sample T-back singlets over the years to just test the waters of trying again but I never have the confidence to pursue it.

Then, just a few months ago, my co-worker explained how he had started selling custom printed leather dog collars online for $50 each and something switched inside of me. I got a sudden boost of confidence and after my co-workers promised to be my first customers I told myself “It is time to give this another go.”


(Modelling the tees is actually pretty fun. Lots of serious faces but not here)


With modelling help from my best friend of 8 years and photography help from his older sister, I was able to make this webstore official. I personally tested so many sample shirt and singlet shapes in the gym to make sure we were selling the most perfect ones possible. We have kept them affordable, never charge shipping and are offering some good discount deals as we go. You have my promise that these are incredibly good fitting gym tees and singlets that you are going to love.

We all know that when you find yourself at the gym in an outfit you don’t feel confident in, it takes away from your session. I have had so many sessions where I couldn’t find a clean gym top, wore something old and kept second guessing myself in the gym and couldn't focus. We are making getting the perfect fitting and looking tees as easy as possible, so that all you have to do is press one click and a tee that you can really focus in will be at your door in no time.